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VENDOR GUIDLINES & INFORMATION - Effective August 18, 2021.


(Effective August 18, 2021





  • We ask that items you sell are either Antique (at least 100 years old from today's date) Vintage (at least 40 years old or older.) or Nostalgic Related.


  • New Hobby and Craft items are accepted. (i.e. restoration paints, refinishing items, hobby supplies, handcrafted items, etc.) Please tell us what you are planning to bring in so we can determine if it is acceptable. New retro items are acceptable! COIN VENDORS MUST HAVE PROOF OF INSURANCE COVERAGE ON THEIR COINS!


  • We ask that all booths are kept NEAT & CLEAN. We take pride in the appearance of our Vendor's Booths. Make sure you have room for customers to walk in and not trip over anything! 


  • Make sure ALL ITEMS ARE PROPERLY TAGGED with your VENDOR ID, DESCRIPTION, ITEM CODE (if you have one) and PRICE. If you're going to have ITEM CODES please let us know so we can add it to our register program. 



  • ​Tagging Items: If you use stickers, be aware they are hard to remove and may tear. You can always cut strips of paper and tape them to the item. Sticky Notes are OK but you may have to tape them since they tend to fall off over time. Stringed or Non-Stringed Paper Tags work best. 


  • If you are selling multiple loose items (i.e. 45s in a box) please have a tag available for the customer to pick up and bring up to the register with your vendor information and price .

  • You may paint your booth to your choosing, if you wish. You can only paint the wooden walls. Our lease prevents us from painting the brick walls.

  • Booth Rent is taken out of your total sells for the month, automatically. If you owe, booth rent is due by the 10th of each month.

  • Vendor Checks will be available for pick up on the 5th of each month.

  • Discounts: If your are offering a discount on your items, please let us know so we can put it into the computer. This way it will automatically deduct the discount at checkout. Some vendors will offer a discount if the customer buys over a certain amount. This too, we need to know. That can also be added to the system to alert the cashier. Having discount signs in your booth helps sales. Some customers will ask to contact you for a discount, which we will attempt to do. If we can't reach you we'll advise the customer that we must sell as marked.

  • Weekly Sales Reports will be emailed no later than Monday of each week.

  • Security & Loses: We try our best to prevent any loses (i.e. security cameras throughout the store). With that said, we are not responsible for any loses due to breakage, stolen or switched tags. The more information you have on your items tag will help prevent switched tags.. IF YOU ARE A COIN VENDOR WE RECOMMEND GETTING COIN COLLECTION INSURANCE. We cannot insure vendor items since is not our property.

  • There are signs posted throughout the store that items are SOLD AS IS! We do not take returns!

  • We will be open MONDAYS FOR VENDORS ONLY FROM 8AM TO 12NOON and SUNDAYS FROM 8AM TO 11AM (before we open to the public), to give vendors a chance to work their booths without the interference of floor traffic. This is an option you may want to take advantage of.

  • Please keep in mind that we are NOT A STORAGE FACILITY! We do have rooms in the back you can rent for $10.00 a month for overstock items you plan on selling. 

  • We do take LAYAWAYS. Customers will have 90 days to pay off a layaway and 30 days to pick up after paid off.

  • If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask!

    Duane & Mona Cozzen

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